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Presentation in Alaska, US - Summer of 2000

"Work Stress Among Information Systems Professionals In Manitoba"
See Paper in PDF (38 KB)

The purpose of this research in progress is to assess the degree of reported job stress among IS professionals in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and other Manitoba centres, and to determine which hypothesized factors are reported by a majority of employees as being major contributors to their stress. Analyses are currently being carried out to investigate a significant relationship between reported degrees of experienced stress, perceived stress factors, and personal characteristics of the employee, the computing environment (technical and managerial) and the employing organization. Preliminary results were reported in 1999; now, further results are presented and discussed.

Authored by Eugene Kaluzniacky

IT Stress Survey Results

January 2000 Survey

Preliminary poll results based on 75 responses in the Ottawa-Carleton Region, received between January 14 to 26, 2000. Here is a brief report. A detailed report will be posted as soon is it is available.

Informal HitBox poll results

Informal HitBox poll results are available for viewing. This represents a period of January to June 2000.