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The purpose of this site is to address the issue of work and personal wellness among Information Systems professionals (including programmers, systems analysts, data analysts, telecommunication specialists, help desk personnel etc.)

While there are many web sites dealing with one’s health and well being, this site will attempt to apply such ideas specifically to work situations and lives of IS/IT workers. Since the nature of our work involves constant change and demands creativity under pressure, many people would like to develop a deeper ‘wellness intelligence’ so as to better cope with these new realities. A number of IS professionals are seeking ways to find their work and their life more relaxed and rewarding.

2003 update: See the information on Eugene's book release for 2004!

This is an evolutionary site. It is developing over time. We hope to offer relevant information related to ‘wellness intelligence’ for IS which is sound, specific and practical. Recently, Prof. Eugene Kaluzniacky from the University of Winnipeg in Canada ( had carried out a ‘stress survey’ among IS professionals in North America. Results-in-progress are presented in an article on this site. The analysis of the survey continues and more results will hopefully be available in 2002.

We also offer a book list and ask for recommendations for other valuable books. Relevant research articles will also be listed here (for a start, see the references in the article).

Eugene is working on his book on psychological aspects of IS work, dealing with ‘emotional intelligence’ in the IS field. To this end, he welcomes any suggestions from people ‘in the field’.

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Updated:  April 2002

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